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Not the lost sheep anymore

The power is in my hands

My social media - please follow me there
Hey,it's been forever since I posted here. It took some time but I'm in a good place. I want to get back into fandom. I made some social media accounts. It would be great if you guys followed me. I hope I wasn't unfriended by everyone.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Style_n_Grace12/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/setfree1289/

Polyvore: http://setfree1289.polyvore.com/

Video: Diversity & Inclusion – Love Has No Labels
My friend sent me this.It made me cry.

Poem : Untitled
How many regrets weigh heavy on your skin?
What haunts you?
Does it take your breath away in the worst way?
Does it make you ache for relief?
When you look in the mirror,what do you see?
Is it something so monsterous & alien that it makes you weep?

Kris Allen has a new song out


This song is really good. It gives me tinhatty thoughts [YELLS KRADAM]
Kris is begging Adam for another chance.
Adam doesn't believe Kris will really choose him & come out.
Kris wants to prove it to him.

I'm back
I haven't felt like posting anything in a very long time.I have still been in fandom here or there just as a lurker.
I feel like I'm now in a good place emotionally.
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Leave me be

Leave me be in this abyss of white

Let my mind wonder & create

A world unto it self

Perfect & clean

Soft & neat

Warm & sweet

No noise that's overwhelms 

No quiet that lets madness in

Just soft breath in & out

Imagination ... wonder ... magical creations

A world I can control

A place with ...


Lets talk this out

If you say a word I'll be gone

fast into the night

don't say anything darling

lets slow this down

sit right here next to me

lets talk this out without words

this will work oh yes it will

lets just rest awhile

by the morning we will begin anew

Someone wrote me some Chris/Steve Porn, AWESOME!! :D
saffiedarling filled one of my prompts at kinky_kane

Prompt: Steve sees a bunch of girls(or guys) hanging all over Chris and gets very possessive. Steve stakes his claim on Chris and shows him who he belongs to. -Bottom!Chris

Link to the fic at their Dreamwidth journal : http://saffiedarling.dreamwidth.org/4084.html
Link to the fic thread at kinky_kane : http://kinky-kane.livejournal.com/1017.html?thread=2041#t2041

Poem : Broken Doll Trapped Behind A Case
I'm upside down
I'm out of my head
Don't know where to go
Don't know how to land

My speech is impaired
My body is weighed down
Time is an illusion
Thinking my only safe ground

The light is off but someone is home
Like a broken doll trapped behind a case
I feel nothing and everything all at once
My actions prevented by the translucent wall holding me in place

Poem : Free-Falling While On Solid Ground
I stand on a tall and old cliff
And watch as it all falls from my tired hands
Down and Down it goes into the dark abyss
I never see or hear it land
All of it just gone from me
Never to be seen again

The sun sets
And I stand there like a statue
My lines tough and rigid
I take all the comfort I can get
From the sallow breaths I take

My emotions are stunted
In those brief but never ending moments
Time just a figment of my imagination
Like a free-falling drop off a cliff standing on solid ground.
Contradictions upon contradictions
Dead while living
Feeling while numb
And Gone while here